If you don't understand the Market—you don't understand.


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"A fiercely persuasive warning that 'the Market' is destroying our society. Stiles desperately hopes we can heal our perspectives before it is too late."

—Harold Bloom, America's foremost literary critic, and author of The Western Canon

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This is my favorite web site. It describes the books I have written, where they came from, the ideas behind them, and the nature of my vocation. If you’ve heard about or read my latest book, Is the American Dream Killing You?, you’ll find the deeper context of that book here, with a focus on the philosophy behind it.

So far my published work has explored the nature of what we call "the market" and its impact on modern life. Once we understand what exactly the market is, and how it operates, we can finally understand the world we live in, a world that is increasingly market-driven. This includes the many problems that afflict Americans in their daily lives, problems that are now extending across a rapidly globalizing planet.

In order to respect your time, I have kept this entire site (references aside) to the equivalent of ten pages of single space text. If you appreciate intellectual inquiry, and the search for the nature of things, I strongly recommend taking a guided tour through the Ideas section first, since it informs all of my work. You are welcome to provide feedback, and I appreciate any constructive comments you may have.

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